Let’s talk about how to spot a potential rug.

Disclaimer: This article is quite lengthy. Get yourself a coffee, get rid of distractions, and make sure you read it carefully.

Rugs… too many in just a short period of time.

Well, people got experience from other blockchains and came on BSC for quick cash as it should’ve been expected.

The number of rugs has slowed down a bit in the last couple of days, but is it over? No, and rugs will never stop appearing.

But can we learn how to spot sketchy aspects of a project?

Yes! And that’s what we’re going to be discussing today.


If you’re keeping everything in the same wallet and/or use the same wallet for every project then I have to point it out to you that you might need to change your habits.

Let’s begin.

How’s your wallet situation right now?

Option A) I have one wallet for everything and I use the same wallet for every project.

Option B) I have multiple wallets but I do not use one wallet per project.

Option C) I use one wallet per project and keep most of my funds in a main wallet or in Binance.

If you fit in options A or B, this article is for you.

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